Guernsey A2 Milk

We should be very grateful to Channel 5 for yesterday’s news report on the benefits of Guernsey milk and in particular to Catherine Jones and to Emma Slifkin, who presented and researched the subject. I didn’t get home from Cornwall till late but watched the video link from this site and thought the impact  and message was spot on.


Thanks are also due to Andrew Hope for hosting the TV crew and for again getting the message spot on and to his customer Emma Hughes.

Congratulations also to Jason and Katherine Salisbury for making Guernsey milk available by mail order, they are likely to need more Guernseys to fill that need.

Highgrove Foods contacted all of the Supermarket Milk buyers yesterday and are producing a DVD of the two reports on Channel 5 for those who did not seen the broadcasts. Highgrove are working hard to make a Guernsey branded product more readily available and it is planned to include a “royalty” payment that could be shared by all Guernsey herd owners.

These are exciting times for our breed and let us hope that those in positions of influence do take advantage of the opportunity.

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