Hi Scott,Cowsmopolitan magazine were a

Hi Scott, Cowsmopolitan magazine were at the All Britain show in the UK back in February and had results on their website before the British press, so I endorse what you have said about them. The Somerset & Dorset Guernsey club have an on farm competition annually, for in milk heifer, cow in milk and cow family (three or more) and in recent years have asked local Holstein breeders to judge it, this is good for both the competitors and the judges as it widens the appreciation of the Guernsey, but at the same time the Judge has no preconceptions as to what he might find. Lyndon Cleggett has suggested that semen sellers trying to increase the number of young bulls used that perhaps one third of the semen should be sold to other breed herds as this will not seriously affect the reliability of the proofs.This would maintain the all important revenue needed to pay for semen collection costs and perhaps allow a couple of extra bulls to be used annually. The UK data centre (Dairy Co) are now evaluating cross bred cattle due to the number of UK herds trying to use Holsteins in a New Zealand style grazing system (and finding that they starve) and therefore crossing with another breed usually Jersey, and thus enjoying all the delights of that cantankerous, dangerous and easy dying breed.

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