Grand Dames

One of the strengths of the Guernsey Breed is the ability of some of the females to go on and on and on, seem to remember another famous Lady making some such statement.

On most of the farms I visit there are some remarkable Grand Dames and I thought that perhaps they deserve some exposure and so will use this space to showcase them.

The first lady to fill this space is Penbryn Lindons Halo VG87, bred by William Mann in Devon and purchased at his dispersal sale by Donald and James Bartlett for their Hinton herd at Mudford in Somerset.

Halo has completed 9 lactations and has given over 60,000 kgs and 4842 kgs of Fat and Protein and has given 25% more on average in each lactation than her herd mates over her lifetime.

PL Halo (pic taken by Digby Gribble)

She is one of 33 cows that have had more than 7 calves  and there are 46 cows in their 6th lactation to be still appearing in the Dairy Co Top 1000 listing in Jan 09


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