New Girls at the Top Aug 09

The Top 20 Heifers from the Aug 09 Dairy Co Rankings

These 20 heifers all have a £PLI of more than +£120 which places in them in the top 5% of the breed genetically and the 19 that have been classified average 82.6 points which will be about 4 points better than the breed average. 12 of the heifers are appearing for the first time whilst the other 8 have all improved their figures since the April proof run.

Onwards and Still Upwards

Dairy Co released the revised proofs in early April 09 and there are 25 heifers listed in the Top 1000 with a GMI of +350, 6 of these were in the January list but their figures have all risen.

For the first time there are heifers with GMI’s of over +500 and heading the list is Brymor Peggy 24 whose GMI has risen by +65 to +554 GMI. This daughter of Helium is a granddaughter of Brymor Peggy 9 EX90 who was probably the best daughter of Sagittarius. Peggy 24 is the 4th generation of the cow family to be Good Plus or better.

The second heifer with a GMI of over +500 is Blacknor Margaret 160, a Tiresford Pedro daughter classified H86 and she was Heifer Champion at the Bath & West in 2008 and is the third generation VG, her GMI +541.