Guernseys for Feet and Legs?

I attended a training course today at one of the Agricultural Colleges which has a 300 cow Holstein herd, to learn about Lameness Scoring which some of the Supermarkets have now made a condition of supply. The scoring system has been developed by DEFRA/ADAS and Bristol University and uses the scores:

0  Normal Locomotion, long fluid strides with a flat back.

1  Could benefit from Routine Foot Trimming,

2  Uneven weight bearing, with an arch to the back.

3  Unable to walk at a brisk pace.

Guernsey milk in demand

Following the Channel 5 broadcast on Thursday, the Guernsey producer retailers are all reporting an increased demand for their milk. Parents and grandparents are very eager to obtain Guernsey milk to try and as Andrew Hope commented in the report, most who have changed are delighted with the improvements in …

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Guernsey A2 Milk

We should be very grateful to Channel 5 for yesterday’s news report on the benefits of Guernsey milk and in particular to Catherine Jones and to Emma Slifkin, who presented and researched the subject. I didn’t get home from Cornwall till late but watched the video link from this site and thought the impact  and message was spot on.