Double Top

An established part of the National Holstein Show has been the Genetic Elite Sale and this year 20 Lots were offered including one Dairy Shorthorn. Studying the catalogue whilst at the show what struck me was that the entries offered more by way of outstanding type rather than production, but met a ready trade with a top price of 6,000 gns for a heifer that had been Reserve Junior Champion the day before whilst the Dairy Shorthorn sold for 3,600 gns and she had been the Breed Junior Champion.

Our Guernsey Junior Champion Eavesford Onwards Molly, whilst not offered for sale is in fact potentially third generation Excellent and that got me thinking as to

National All Breeds Show 2010

The long established National Holstein show at Stoneleigh, for the first time included the other UK dairy breeds and was in my view a success as the other Coloured breeds embraced the opportunity and produced some very attractive competitive classes with cattle from all regions including Cornwall, Kent, Pembrokeshire and Fife with several herds in particular from Wales making a welcome reappearance after TB restrictions.

There were 7 Guernseys forward from 4 exhibitors with President-Elect Elsie Fallows and her family producing the Junior Champion with Eavesford Onwards Molly, what a pleasure it is to have the enthusiasm of Elsie within our ranks and it is to hoped that 2011 will mark a turnaround in Guernsey fortunes.

Top Ranked Heifers Jan 2010

The January 2010 proof run published by Dairy Co includes a listing of the top 1000 Guernsey females from England and Wales and Guernsey Island. The Top 10 heifers from England & Wales all have a £PLI of more than £+105 and the 7 that have been classified have an …

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