The Alderney Herd

I visited Alderney this week and on what was my third visit, came away very impressed with the improvements that continue to be made by the hard work and enthusiasm of the Cox family.

Clare and Mike and elder son Stuart are involved full time, with daughter Hannah and Stuart’s girlfriend Chloe and younger son Craig all helping out with the milk and meat processing operation.

When Mike and Clare first came to the Island they undertook to maintain the grassland of the whole Island either by grazing or by topping, they soon came to realize that time spent topping was a poor use of their resources and so have increased the grazing numbers in two ways.

ProvenBulls Dec 2010

Proven Guernsey Bulls Dec-2010 Ranked by GMI

Dairy Co. Have released the Guernsey Bull proofs and the full listing is available on their website

Click the link.Dairy Co Guernsey Bull Proofs .

The main list is titled “Top International Guernsey Bulls Ranked on GMI” and includes all bulls with a proof that has a Reliability of more than 65%. This table which shows 1000 bulls has a range from + 358 ( Sniders Option Aaron) to -710 (Robinsfield Souvenir 15) and 320 bulls have a positive GMI and are therefore above average.