On Your Farm BBC Radio 4

The edition of this long running Radio 4 programme on 28th December 2008 featured Mike and Clare Cox from Kiln Farm Alderney. The programme relayed the background to their arrival on Alderney and the development of the business, into the provision of meat and milk products to the residents on Alderney and, a developing market for their yoghurt and butter to Guernsey, as well as their butter to England.

Marketing Guernsey Milk

Quality Milk Producers (QMP) held their 53rd AGM, yesterday at Holmfirth in Yorkshire, at the Longley Farm Dairy premises of the Dickinson family. Longley Farm is the most successful business that utilises mainly Jersey milk in a full range of dairy products, but with the concentration on cream and the by-products of cream. There were approx 20 people present, two thirds of whom were producers; disappointingly there was only one Guernsey producer present. QMP were founded by both Guernsey and Jersey producers and control the Gold Top brands on behalf of both breeds.