Gold Star Award (3)

Whilst reviewing the Top Cow proofs released today by Dairy Co, my attention was caught by Carne Quoit, the highest ranked heifer by PLI in England & Wales with a PLI of +£131, but it is her  great grandmother Carne Tennis who will feature here.   This remarkable cow had 13 calves, calving …

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Gold Star Award (2)

Simon Matthews from Cornwall has asked how a cow that he used to own Trezelah Karen 5 would score under the new awards. Karen 5 was sold as an old cow at his sale and was bought by the Mann family where she bred a daughter Trewey Karen Ex 91 and Trewey Karen in …

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Gold Star Award

 EGCS Council agreed at its recent meeting to introduce a Gold Star Award for Guernsey cows with points gained by female progeny for Inspection and for Production. The qualifying standards have been agreed to be awarded for  Good Plus or Better daughters with 1 point for Good Plus, 2 points …

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Alderney lifts the veil of secrecy

Mike Cox has sent me his recent Classification results and so i have pleasure in publishing them and to congratulate him on breeding the highest GMI Guerrnsey in the Bailiwick of Guernsey at the April 2011 proof runs. Alderney Chiller Jackie has the following remarkable PTA’s +561 kgs Milk, +31.2 …

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Top Heifers in E&W April 2011

The April proofs published by Dairy Co. provide an interesting mix of type and production, this is as always a combined list from England & Wales and Guernsey Island and both populations are classified by the professionals at Holstein UK and the classification figures are then used in the calculation of sire proofs. Unfortunately the scores for the Guernsey Island heifers and their milk records are not available for public scrutiny and until they are I am unable to link them to the CDI web pages which provide such an excellent overview of the pedigree and performance of all of the Guernseys in England and Wales.

Rising Stars

Two young sires awaiting proofs having been used by EGCS and Genus have daughters milking and on the basis of the first 5 daughters to be classified look to be fulling their potentiall. Thornton Hercules was used by Genus for their “Bull of the Day” service and has 145 daughters …

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ProvenBulls Dec 2010

Proven Guernsey Bulls Dec-2010 Ranked by GMI

Dairy Co. Have released the Guernsey Bull proofs and the full listing is available on their website

Click the link.Dairy Co Guernsey Bull Proofs .

The main list is titled “Top International Guernsey Bulls Ranked on GMI” and includes all bulls with a proof that has a Reliability of more than 65%. This table which shows 1000 bulls has a range from + 358 ( Sniders Option Aaron) to -710 (Robinsfield Souvenir 15) and 320 bulls have a positive GMI and are therefore above average.

Bocaddon Heifer Sale Nov 2010

BOCADDON Heifer Dispersal Sale 26th Nov 2010

24 Guernsey heifers from the Bocaddon herd of the late Rob Maiklem were sold through Hallworthy Market on Friday 26th November, alongside the Holsteins also bred by Rob under his Risingstar prefix. The young man before his tragic accident in July could be truly described as the “rising star” of the Guernsey breed, and those who received the catalogue will have appreciated just what a quality herd Bocaddon was becoming.

There were two milking heifers and Lot 7 Rosewood Charlies Fleurie sold to Mr Stevens for £1080 whilst Lot 5 a very fresh daughter of Trewey Surprise sold for £980.