Gold Star Award

 EGCS Council agreed at its recent meeting to introduce a Gold Star Award for Guernsey cows with points gained by female progeny for Inspection and for Production.

The qualifying standards have been agreed to be awarded for  Good Plus or Better daughters with 1 point for Good Plus, 2 points for Very Good and 3 points for an Excellent daughter and for,

Production points will be awarded using the Production Index (PI) as a PI of 100 is the rolling average of weight of Fat +Protein for the herd in which the progeny are managed. A PI 0f 100-110 will earn 1 point, 111-125 will earn 2 points , 126 -139 will earn 3 points and 140+ will earn 4 points.

Each 8 points will earn a Gold Star and each additional 8 points will earn a further Star, all of the information can be found online within the Centre for Dairy Information (CDI), it is hoped that the Awards can be made automatically but in the short term I would be interested in hearing about your Gold Star cows.

So far the highest score that I have found is Gold Star (5*) and she is Tredinney Royal Oaks After Thought, her 3 daughters have earned 44 points to date and are

                                                                 Tredinney Als After That Ex 91


                                                                   Tredinney Als After This VG 87



                                                                 Tredinney Lorrys After Eight VG 88 

Lorrys After Eight set a new breed production record and was the first UK Guernsey to give more than 1000 kgs of Fat + Protein 

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