Gold Star Award (2)

Simon Matthews from Cornwall has asked how a cow that he used to own Trezelah Karen 5 would score under the new awards. Karen 5 was sold as an old cow at his sale and was bought by the Mann family where she bred a daughter Trewey Karen Ex 91 and Trewey Karen in turn has had 2 daughters and a grandaughter,

Trewey Karen was the 8th calf born to Karen 5 and she had 4 other daughters in Simon’s Bosoljack herd 3 of which classified VG and all of the VG daughters went to different herds with

Bosoljack Retas Karen VG 85 going to Chris Hall’s Tretheene herd where she had 2 daughters,

Bosoljack Fortune Karen 2 VG 85 who at the sale was bought by Chris Eddy for his Treloweth herd where she had 1 daughter , before being sold again to Cheshire to the Thornton herd of Andrew & Michelle Hall where she had a second daughter.

Bosoljack Baldwin Karen 4VG 87 also went to Treloweth and she had a daughter and more importantly a son Treloweth Karen Oak who became one of the Stock bulls at Bickfield and has 161 daughters registered with EGCS

Trezelah Karen 5 would currently have 4 Gold Stars as her 4 classified daughters have contributed a total of 37 points and each Gold Star requires 8 points, so Trewey Karen gained  11 points (3 points for her Ex score and 8 points for production from her Production Indexes),  Bosoljack Retas Karen gained 10 pts ( 2 for VG + 8 PI pts) , Bosoljack Fortune Karen gained 6 points ( 2 + 4) and Bosoljack Baldwin Karen 4 gained 10 points (2 +8 )


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