Taste Test

Guernsey milk from Olive Farm ( David Paull) will be tasted on the BBC One Show at 7pm on Wednesday 30th November, when studio guest Jeremy Clarkson will be asked to give his opinion on the Guernsey milk as compared to ordinary milk.

The milk from the Hurdlebrook Guernsey herd is sold as “Green Top” ie unpasteurised or raw and there are only about 200 herds in England and Wales that are licensed to sell direct to the public and in the case of the Hurdlebrook milk is mainly sold at Farmers Markets.

Cream, Yoghurt and Cheeses are also available and can be obtained by contacting the Paull’s at 




 Other Guernsey milk products are available in all areas of England and Wales and can be found on the Guernsey A2 Milk website under this 



The item was broadcast last week, but in the absence of Jeremy Clarkson, the studio guest was John Craven, who has spent his 40 years at the BBC in never giving an opinion on anything, the presenter who was filmed on the farm trying to handmilk a cow ( and failing to do so) , then made a great song and dance about whether she would be “brave enough” to drink the raw milk, all in all a waste of time and money!


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