Calf of the Week ( 3 )

When starting these articles I commented on the pleasure to be had from the first heifer calves from a new bull, and on arrival at Dale Farm Grindon in Staffs, the first thing that Kath Salt told me was that they had two heifer calves by Spring Walk Sherbert Mint …

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High Prices for USA Guernseys

The Annual Sale at the US Guernsey Convention in Pennsylvania was held on Monday and achieved an average of over $4000 for 41 live lots. The catalogue and sale results are online within the US Guernsey website.

The top priced Lot was Lot 1 a choice of either a Lang Haven Decision Natural or a Edge Water Meadows Yogibear heifer from the 2008 Interbreed Champion at Madison, Indian Head American Pie Ex 94, and she sold for $15,000 (£10,000) and it was the LH D Natural calf that was chosen.

Calf of the Week

The best part of Dairy Farming for me has always been the birth of the new heifer calves, particularly if they are the first calves from a “new” bull, or perhaps a “rare” heifer from those cows who have bull calf after bull calf. I thought that perhaps other users/viewers …

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Royal Cornwall Show 2010

Six exhibitors with 15 Cows and Heifers as well as 12 calves made a high quality turnout for the Cornwall show and Philip Cox to sort out.

Class 1 7 calves saw a first win for a young man Ian Rowe, who has been buying a Guernsey calf to show for each of the last 6 years and has finally produced a home bred heifer calf Rowan Chandelier by Hercules that traces via Trengwainton to the Design family at White Ladies. In second place was a Yogibear from Tredinney but my eye was caught by a pair of Amir calves from Trewarnevas.

Bath & West 2010

There was a better turnout than expected as one of the main supporters the Bickfield herd is under TB restriction, but one of their cows was awarded the Championship in new ownership.

30 cows and heifers from 10 exhibitors were forward with 7 calves forward for the handling classes (53 exhibitors were showing beef and dairy calves, a welcome development if cattle are to remain part of the summer show season)