South West Guernsey Competitions(part 2)

The previous article dealt with the herd competitions for production and Inspection, but in addition there are classes for youngstock, bull progeny, the best cow on inspection, the best cow on production, the best cow family and the most improved herd year on year.

The SWGCBA Challenge Cup for Youngstock (23 entries)

This was won for the first time by Olive Farm (Babcary) and there were over 70 heifers in the group, sired mainly by EGCS young bulls, with in-calf heifers of Chiller, Shaka, Landon Premium and Rob Roy catching the eye, whilst the calves are by Eros, Posh Paddy, Workman and Ellys Epic. The heifers are reared at grass from the first week of life and the yearlings are outwintered.

The calves recieve whole milk twice a day for 8-10 weeks depending on the time of the year with calvingsd mainly between February and August.

 Place Owner   Herd   Score
 1st  D&R Paull  Hurdlebrook  98
 2nd  J Warren  Tredinney  97
 3rd  M & R Dunn  Rosewood  96
 4th  N Gosling  Artis  94
 5th  J Yewdall  Webbery  93

Fertilty in the Guernsey Breed

EGCS President Chris Watson placed this comment in “another place” and has not surprizingly received any replies, with the FOB meeting tasking place next month on Guernsey Island it may be helpful if any one would like to comment.

“Rob of cause you are right, but not everyone agrees that GMI is the major cause AND sights individual bulls that have let us down. They forget all the ones that they are thriving on.

South West Guernsey Herd Competitions

The 2009 Herd Competition results were announced on Weds.24th March and Colin Gleed was pleased to announce his winners with 26 herds involverd he inspected more than 4000 Guernsey cows ,heifers and calves,with herds from Cornwall,Devon,Dorset,Gloucester,Isle Of Wight and Wiltshire.

Bull Mothers are upgraded

The Classifiers are out and about and two of the young cows that have sons on the ground have both been upgraded to Excellent. Tredinnick Anneka 3 has been scored Ex 90 and becomes the 7th daughter of Sunninghill Park Royal Oak to reach the top grade. She has an …

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Tonne Up

A new UK Record for weight of Fat and Protein has been set in the Tredinney herd in Cornwall. For the first time a total of more than 1000 kgs has been produced. Tredinney Lorrys After Eight has produced in her fourth lactation 11363 kgs at 5.29% butterfat and 3.65% …

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