Young Men Lead the Way in South West

David Christophers and Ian Rowe are two young men that have joined the Guernsey membership in recent years and made a big impression on Bill Luff who was judging the South West Herd Competitions in 2010. David has just two milking cows Tredinney Buzzards Bracken 4th and Trerose Tradition Liz …

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New Records Set in the UK

The Annual Awards for the Guernsey Herd Competitions of the South West Guernsey Association were presented yesterday and among the Prize winners was Briddlesford Lucks Bluebell 7 VG 85 who set a new UK production record of 1016 kilos of Fat + Protein and also gave more than 3000 gallons (14523 kgs) in her 305 day lactation. Congratulations to the Griffin family of the Isle of Wight for managing Bluebell 7 so well.

Export of Guernsey semen to the USA

The Warren family of Tredinney Farm, St Buryan,Cornwall and UK Sire Services of Dartington Devon have successfully exported semen from Cara’s Conqueror of Les Jaonetts to the USA. The importers are Golden State Breeders of California owned by Mr Frank Faria. Conqueror was imported from Guernsey Island in January 2011 …

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Oxlynch Guernseys

Andy and Rachel Payling have been awarded the First Prize for “Health and Fertility” for their Oxlynch Guernsey herd in the Gloucestershire NMR Herd Awards competing against all recorded herds of all breeds. They have also recently sold 20 in milk cows to a farmer from Hereford whose client was desparate …

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Fertility in Guernseys

The production of Fertility Indexes for UK Dairy breeds in the last two years has been somewhat “controversial”, in that as ever work done originally within the Holstein breed has been applied to the other breeds and no-one within the “magic circle”  of Guernsey breed advisors has looked at what would …

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