Lifetime Achievers

In 2007 there were 24 Guernsey cows that have bettered the Lifetime production standard of the Grand Diploma of Merit (GDM) which is set at 5000 kilos of Fat and Protein. The awards are made automatically by the computer system and a list is kept in the office but no longer published for “cost saving” reasons. At a time when dairy cow fertility is said to be in decline then these cows are deserving of greater recognition.

The Dairy Event 2009

The Dairy Event and Livestock Show 2009

The last DFE was held at Stoneleigh on Wednesday and Thursday at which I represented EGCS under the umbrella of the Centre for Dairy Information (CDI) on the Holstein UK stand. In 2006 when that opportunity was first available the Jersey, Swiss and Montbeliarde as well as the British Friesian Breeders Club all had space and we were able to display our Guernsey iinformation. This year however the other breed societies had taken their own trade stand space and I felt that I was the “invisible” man quite difficult you would think given my height and girth. I recieved not a single enquiry about Guernseys over the two days, although there were several EGCS members at the show who I was able to speak to.

Quality Milk Producers AGM 2009

 Quality Milk Producers AGM 2009

The AGM of QMP was held on Wednesday evening at the Dairy Event in the JCS pavilion and they were able to report a substantial profit for the year, despite having spent increased amounts on market support and having had to make representations to DEFRA over the PDO application from Jersey Island Dairy for the exclusive use of the trade name “Jersey Butter”. DEFRA have yet to make a decision and it is hoped that the compromise suggestion that the key word “Island” should be inserted ie “Jersey Island Butter” will be accepted.

New Girls at the Top Aug 09

The Top 20 Heifers from the Aug 09 Dairy Co Rankings

These 20 heifers all have a £PLI of more than +£120 which places in them in the top 5% of the breed genetically and the 19 that have been classified average 82.6 points which will be about 4 points better than the breed average. 12 of the heifers are appearing for the first time whilst the other 8 have all improved their figures since the April proof run.

Frome Show 2009

The Frome Agricultural & Cheese Show was held on 12th September and saw the return of competitive classes for Guernsey’s after a gap of several years with 5 exhibitors having 16 females forward and entries received from a sixth.

South West All Breeds Calf Show 09

The third All Breeds Calf Show was held at Wadebridge on Tuesday 2nd September and featured strong classes of Ayrshires, Guernseys, Holsteins and Jerseys.

The Young Handlers were center stage before lunch and 16 were competing in three classes by age.