Thornton Guernsey Youngstock Sale 28/07/09

Andrew and Michelle Hall had a very successful sale of their youngstock at Beeston Market yesterday. The sale which was caused by the recent collapse of Dairy Farmers of Britain gave an opportunity for others to buy into the very good cow families that are to be found in the Thornton herd.

Rozelyn Glacier Holiday

Hinxden Violet 3 VG 86 is the first daughter of Rozelyn Glacier Holiday to be scored VG in the UK and was Champion at the Kent County Show this week. Congratulations to the Manford family for making the effort to support the show with adult cattle for the first time …

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Camborne & Kent Shows 2009

The fourth generation of the Grose family are getting compeitive, after JJ’s win at Stithians, I said it wouldn’t be long before cousin Chloe was to reverse the positions and it took less than a fortnight for her to win first prize in the Young Handlers at Camborne Show with younger brother James taking second place.

Royal Show Guernsey Island 2009

Having missed the 2008 event, it was a case of deja vu. Saumarez Park provides a wonderful setting, for a Cattle show, the cows are straight from the field with no pre preparation and the amateur spirit prevails.

6 exhibitors brought adult cattle for the Senior show judged by James Warren whilst 5 exhibitors provided heifers for the Junior show judged by Jason Salisbury.

There were 4 bulls present from 4 different exhibitors and were Judged by Malcom Le Poidevin and the Senior Bull and Champion was from Bon and Margaret Martel and the Pedro son Cara’s Conqueror of Les Jaonnets is a tremendous individual for a 4 year old on a particularly good set of legs and feet and he teamed with 3 sisters by Pedro was to win the Peer Cup later in the day.

Shortage of Milk on Guernsey Island

 Five years after the belated introduction of quotas to Guernsey Island the Island Dairy are calling for an extra 2 million litres of milk (+25%) and the question is whether the 20 or so dairy farmers on the Island will be able to find the extra cows given that there …

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Living the Dream

Five years ago I took a call from Jason Salisbury who was looking to buy a small number of Guernseys ( 25 cows) to set up a new business making and selling cheese. Jason and Katherine were living on a farm in Coddenham Suffolk, where Jason milked and managed 90 Holsteins. His employer had just made him reduntant as he and his advisers could see no future for a “small” milking herd on that farm without a major re-investment in plant and machinery and given the “parkland” setting were not prepared to enlarge the herd and carry on.

bull calves

whooooopie 😀 i’ve been asking Digby for 7 yrs where the EGCS is hiding the 3+ generation VG cow families and finally they are starting to appear, let the bovine world ake note. It often takes a third party to look at herds impatially most of us get bogged down …

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