August 09 Guernsey Bull Proofs from Dairy Co

The August 09 Guernsey Bull proofs were released by Dairy Co on the 23rd August 09 and show some encouraging figures for bulls selected for use in the Guernsey Global Breeding Plan(GGBP).

The top 2 bulls have again improved with more daughters and are now over 90% reliability in other words the proofs will not now change.

New Breeders Plans & semen wanted

Firstly I’d like to say what a nice friendly lot you fellow guernsey breeders are, very helpful and in quite a few instances very kind.

Having bred pedigree Dairy Shorthorns for 41 yrs I did dabble in Jerseys but have now got the bug for the pedigree Guernsey. I had a Stroxworthy cow some yrs ago, who was no oilpainting but a worker, with me till 16yrs then a house cow to a friend for a further 4 yrs.