Off Piste in Cornwall

A report of what was seen when not in the Pub in Cornwall, The Programme for the EGCS AGM allowed for three herd visits but a few of us managed find 4 more local herds to view, whilst i made two calls on the way down on Monday.

Can Milk Help Autism? including list of suppliers

Guernsey milk in the News:

Channel 5 News contacted me a few weeks ago as they were interested in the A2 properties of Guernsey Milk. Derek Moody of Prosperous Home Farm at Hungerford had put them in touch as they wanted to know about the background information.

88% of the protein in milk is Beta Casein and the varients are A1, A2, B, C, D and E. But in practical terms the important Casein’s are A1 and A2. Genetically cows can be one of 3 Genotypes A1xA1, A1xA2 and A2xA2 but the genes are codominant so that a cow that is A1xA2 will give half her milk as A1 protein and half as A2. For more information regarding the science take a look at the A2Corporation website.

Lethargy or Meltdown ?

Recent figures that have come to hand suggest that the fortunes of the UK Guernsey may be in a serious decline. In recent years there have been between 1100 and 1400 heifers registered. Registrations of heifers so far in 2008 are only 436 and bulls only 9 and only 2 of those …

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Summer Show Season 2008

I apologise but the pictures in this article are not those taken during the 2008 show season, I was unable to attend the shows and hoped to use current photos but this has been vetoed. Blue Tongue restrictions severely restricted competition in 2008, with competitors unable to travel outside of the …

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The Future of the Guernsey?

Every time I switch on the radio, there are tidings of gloom and doom these days and it is easy to get depressed, but meanwhile in the real world, cows need milking twice a day and fortunately the next generation of calves are arriving and the kids involved with the …

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This website is dedicated to the promotion and, hopefully, improvement of the UK Guernsey. This will help you in making an informed choice when choosing the right Semen for your herd. Here you will be able to research and study various Guernsey cattle families. We have access to many pictures …

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North Somerset and Devon Shows

Show News The show season has started with the North Somerset and Devon shows and numbers of Guernseys at both were lower than in previous years, due to a combination of Blue Tongue movement restrictions and also key exhibitors having on-farm developments which prevented their involvement. Congratulations however to those …

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